Harvey enjoys the woman and you may trusts the lady surely

Harvey enjoys the woman and you may trusts the lady surely

Donna is a superb networker and you will is actually “tied-in” to the gossip and you may less than-tummy activities from Pearson Hardman. Her network was comprehensive and you can runs as a consequence of much of New york Urban area. This means that, Donna is considered a bit warily from the lovers and you can lovers similar. Although not, the woman is good confidante and a beneficial people people, which enables their in order to maintain dating with folks you to definitely Harvey you should never. She is social, enjoyable, witty, and you will lovely, and individuals enjoy getting the girl.

Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is actually Donna’s long time workplace and you may friend. Both believe one another implicitly. They earliest met during the Area Attorney’s office, where Harvey try Secretary District Attorneys (ADA) and you may she is their assistant; they’re a team ever since. Once helping 2 years at the DA’s work environment, Harvey took Donna with him to help you Pearson Hardman.

The 2 are close. The guy is determined by the lady and you will viewpoints this lady as vital in order to their getting. When he advised Jessica during the “All in,” Donna is actually irreplaceable. Donna, subsequently, adores Harvey that is extremely faithful to help you him, to the point where she’d just take a round having him. They bring great fulfillment in for every single other people’s organization and take pleasure in the laughs and spoken sparring. (They have a pre-demo routine involving a can-opener and you may thumbtacks.) Usually, they have establish a simple comfort found only between finest family, as they are decent on discovering additional. No-one understands Harvey better than Donna, and although Harvey essentially sometimes remain their thoughts next to the fresh new bust, he or she is alot more unlock and you can vulnerable with her than just he is that have others. She’s aware of all specifics of his personal life–she is aware of Harvey’s mom and aunt, that is partial to Harvey’s dad. (She actually is along with the individual that advised Harvey off his father’s demise.) Donna is also one of the few anyone whose advice Harvey thinking, and he pays attention meticulously so you’re able to one thing she informs him, whether or not he will not constantly know they at the time. When upset, Harvey both falls back upon creating this new company-worker border–a buffer Donna is sensible sufficient to understand when you should ignore, accepting it into the psychologically distancing strategy that it is. She is most likely the only person able to remaining his irresponsible inclinations in check. Harvey, at the same time, is actually similarly proficient at understanding Donna, and even though Harvey isn’t very important to the auto mechanics regarding Donna’s lifestyle, she is reliant heavily abreast of his unswerving loyalty, commitment, and psychological help. Despite being protective from his privacy, Harvey has assist Donna’s parents stay at his condo prior to (shortly after she cried phony rips–a well known fact he only discovers later), and you may Donna comes with the free the answer to his condominium.

Each other will take a look at one another because a few halves with the same whole, and Donna provides put Harvey first of all other matchmaking more immediately after

Donna try a gold mine of information having Harvey and you may pays attention into all the their talks in the work environment (some thing Harvey cannot deter, due to the fact he actually leaves their intercom toward on her behalf). This woman what is her is higher level during the anticipating their need, and you may requires higher satisfaction in being capable provide Harvey that have what the guy requires versus him requesting they. She views this lady work regarding manage and take proper care of your, and certainly will check out one lengths to achieve this. It was basic confirmed within the “Laws and regulations of your Video game”, in which she gives Jessica incriminating proof up against Cameron Dennis immediately after Dennis threatens Harvey, and you can once again into the “Break Point”, when she shreds a keen incriminating memo you to definitely she anxieties often implicate him inside the a lawsuit.